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Product image: Garant 3000 with suction, spray and return fittings, two-way spray gun, core and syringe needle

Technical data (catalog download)
  • Length: 45 cm
  • Width: 13 cm (with connections 20 cm)
  • Height: 32 cm (incl. Handles)
  • with accessories: approx. 13 kg
  • Packed, with accessories: approx. 14.8 kg
  • Stainless steel V2A
  • a) 380 V three-phase current, 3 phases, 1,400 rpm
  • by request
  • b) 220 V three-phase current, 3 phases, 1,400 rpm

  • The engine has a power of 300 watts at 1,400 rpm
  • The pump reaches its full power already at 1,400 rpm! This reduction in speed reduces wear and increases service life.
  • The motor protection switch of the Garant 3000 complies with the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 1672 for food processing machines, its front has the degree of protection IP 69K according to DIN 40050 T9.
Pump / spray power
  • gear pump
  • The driven gear is made of stainless steel, the driven gear made of plastic. The resulting advantage is that no abrasion takes place. (In comparable curing machines, the impellers are made of brass or bronze. Here it is known that an abrasion is the food technically classified as questionable)
  • the pump is not self-priming. The first time you suck in the brine is sucked in by means of a suction ball.
  • The gear pump is factory set to 4 bar. If necessary, the pressure can be increased to 7 bar. (For comparable curing machines, these values ​​are approx. 50% lower.)
  • The Garant 3000 is a dual system.
  • The lake is kept in circulation steadily. As soon as the curing process is interrupted by the closure of the curing gun, the brine is returned to the brine tank. Due to the reflux, the salts in the lake are permanently dissolved and can not crystallize out.
  • German-language instructions for use
  • Disassembly Instructions
  • Two-way spray gun
  • Suction and spray set, return fitting
  • syringe needle
  • Core needle