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Needle program

Our range of needles currently includes about 60 types of needles with over 650 needle variants.

This assortment is supplemented almost daily by further types and variants. Not only do we include standard needles in our production program, we also like to manufacture customized needles. These customized solutions help you to work efficiently, since they are adapted to your product, to your machine and to your medium. As an edition – one product, it is possible for you to equip even smaller machines and pickling machines with individual needles.

We gladly accept your wishes and implement them! A drawing or a pattern will suffice in most cases as the basis for an attractive offer. This sketch shows you which dimensions are essential for a quotation.


We manufacture, among other things, needles for the following machine types:
  • Belam
  • Dorit
  • Fomaco
  • Garos
  • Germo
  • Günther
  • Hangzou
  • InjektStar
  • jehla
  • Kaufler
  • Lutetia
  • Lynggaard
  • Metalquimia
  • Pökomat
  • Rühle
  • Schröder
  • Suhner
  • Townsend
  • Walter
  • Wladasch

Pickling Needles & Accessories

Specially developed for pickling machines, we offer you a range of pickling needles.

Here is a small selection of our assortment:

Our pickling needles are made of stainless steel and can therefore be used for many years in daily use without wear. In addition, the material meets the highest hygienic requirements.

Our DS and WM needles are to be used in conjunction with a multi – needle holder on a spray gun. Our range includes multi-needle holders made of the following materials:

  • Plastic completely
  • Plastic with threaded inserts made of VA
  • Stainless steel complete

Our standard program includes multi-needle holders for two, three, four and five needles, whereby special requests can be taken into account at any time.

Our needles are compatible with our two-way spray gun (Garant 3000), with our disposable spray gun (Impeller 93), with our plastic spray gun and of course with other market-known pickling systems.